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Build Supplement - Bracing

Build Supplement - Timber decks

10 years not always a limitation

$100 worth of comfort: the real value of energy technologies

20 tips to running a smooth project

2010 BRANZ Research and Information Agenda

25 changes in E2/AS1 you need to know

40 years of BRANZ feature

90-day trial periods

A best-practice home (Sustainability)

A better way at Flat Bush

A durability assessment tool for the New Zealand Building Code

A facade to stand the test of time

A field study of heat loss of a slab floor and conservatory
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A field study of the moisture performance of roofs of occupied, newly constructed timber framed houses
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A four-year site measurement of heat flow in slab-on-ground floors with wet soils

A guide to the concept of ‘loaded dimension’ for timber framed buildings

A hot water cylinder to survive earthquakes
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A knowledge-based system on the selection of adhesives for wood or wood-based substrates
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A model for predicting the fire-resisting performance of small-scale cavity walls in realistic fires
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