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 Study Reports

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SR312 Prefabrication and standardisation potential in buildings

SR310 Measuring construction industry productivity and performance

SR309 Physical characteristics of new houses 2013

SR308 New House Owners' Satisfaction Survey

SR307 Trends in new residential construction in Auckland

SR305 Bracing ratings for non-proprietary bracing walls

SR304 Post-earthquake performance of passive fire protection systems

SR303 Effect of the loan-to-value limits on new housing

SR302 Reaction to fire of interior wall and ceiling linings - paint coatings - testing results and analysis

SR301 Simplified reaction to fire for interior wall, ceiling and floor linings - literature review

SR300 An analysis of wind-driven rain in New Zealand

SR299 Rigid sheathing and airtightness in New Zealand

SR298 Rigid sheathing and pressure equalisation in New Zealand

SR296 A pilot study to characterise the biocontaminant cloud while decladding 'leaky buildings'

SR295 Auckland housing forecasts and the Unitary Plan

SR294 Building better - advanced residential construction techniques

SR293 New Zealand Whole Building Whole of Life Framework: Life Cycle Assessment-based Indicators

SR292 B-RISK 2013 software benchmarking examples

SR291 Fire safety features in housing

SR290 Building industry performance measures - part 2