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 Study Reports

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SR331 Physical characteristics of new non-residential buildings 2014

SR330 Physical characteristics of new houses 2014

SR326 Productivity trends and the implications for our industry

SR324 The potential for over-cladding: A scoping study

SR323 Learnings from the BRANZ Refurbishments

SR321 A Construction Dashboard of Key Industry Measures

SR319 Client and designer choices and their effect on new housing costs

SR318 Accessible emergency egress

SR317 Potential measures of productivity and performance at the firm, grouped firm and regional level

SR316 New housing condition. A preliminary assessment

SR315 Small construction firms in New Zealand

SR314 The relationship between fire severity and time equivalence

SR312 Prefabrication and standardisation potential in buildings

SR311 Advanced residential construction techniques - opportunities and implications for New Zealand

SR310 Measuring construction industry productivity and performance

SR309 Physical characteristics of new houses 2013

SR308 New House Owners' Satisfaction Survey

SR307 Trends in new residential construction in Auckland

SR306 Window thermal enhancement

SR305 Bracing ratings for non-proprietary bracing walls