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 Study Reports

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SR356 Recommendations for first-time new-build housing clients

SR355 Consent documentation quality for new housing

SR354 Managing subfloor moisture, corrosion and insulation performance

SR352 Perimeter insulation of concrete slab foundations

SR348 New House Owners' Satisfaction Survey 2015

SR347 A framework to develop a cohesive structural and fire engineering design approach for buildings

SR344 Vapour control in New Zealand walls

SR343 Numerical simulation of ventilation in roof cavities

SR342 Measuring our sustainability progress: Benchmarking New Zealand's new detached residential housing stock

SR341 The role of ventilation in managing moisture inside New Zealand homes

SR340 Revisiting concrete ground floor slabs

SR339 Fire behaviour of HVAC duct and pipe insulation materials

SR338 Accessible egress

SR336 Cross-laminated timber for building structures

SR335 New house construction quality survey 2014

SR333 Valuing sustainability and resilience features in housing

SR332 The weathertightness of flashing downturns

SR331 Physical characteristics of new non-residential buildings 2014

SR330 Physical characteristics of new houses 2014

SR329 Heat pumps in New Zealand