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Renovate: Art deco

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Product Description

The art deco house of the 1930s was a dramatic change to the earlier villa and bungalow. A flat roof, stucco cladding, rounded corners and reduced decoration all contributed to art deco's distinctive style.

These houses are often bought for their style rather than performance. Their stucco cladding and very low-pitched roofs often had weathertightness problems, and without renovation, art deco houses can be cold to live in. Careful renovation can retain the popular style while improving performance and comfort.

This book covers:

  • what defines art deco style
  • how these houses were constructed, and with what materials
  • typical modifications they have had in the decades since they were built
  • problems that may be encountered and suggested remedies
  • how to get a consent for renovation work, looking at compliance paths and Alternative Solutions
  • project and construction planning.
Product Information
Publication date 1 November 2010
Author Alide Elkink
Product type Book
Availability Available
Product code BK085