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SR78B Racking resistance of bracing walls in low-rise buildings subject to earthquake attack: Volume 2 (January 1998)

Product Description

This is the second of two volumes that combine to report on how wall bracing panels that develop slackness can rationally be used as a structural system to resist earthquake-induced ground motion:

  • Volume 1 (SR78A) contains a summary of findings and a proposed revision to the current P21 test method and related references.
  • Volume 2 (this report) focuses on the experimental programme that underpins the recommended changes.

This report is intended for use by technical advisers to building product manufacturers seeking to use their product as wall bracing elements within New Zealand houses. It provides the engineering rationale upon which a revision of the wall bracing test and evaluation method, known as the BRANZ P21 test method, is proposed.

Product Information

Publication date 1998
Author PD Herbert and AB King
System number SR078B