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SR386 Maintenance and common repair issues in medium-density housing (November 2017)

Product Description

Medium-density housing (MDH) can present particular maintenance challenges for its owners. The maintenance requirements of this type of housing may be more complex than for stand-alone housing. Collaborative decision making is required by a body corporate, and the knowledge of and attitudes towards maintenance and common repair issues amongst the owners making up the body corporate can vary widely.

This report discusses the maintenance requirements of MDH and the common repair issues that many face. It also describes the core legal concepts that apply to MDH as provided for in the Unit Titles Act 2010. The report provides a snapshot of common issues that may arise when maintaining MDH. Our research indicates that these are due mostly to gaps in the knowledge of the owners about their rights and responsibilities. Finally, we provide some suggestions as to how those gaps might be closed.

Product Information

Publication date November 2017
Author Anne Duncan and Ian Page
System number SR386