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SR305 Bracing ratings for non-proprietary bracing walls (2013)

Product Description

In New Zealand, the wall bracing ratings used for new houses are generally provided by manufacturers based on tests on their proprietary systems to the BRANZ P21 test method. Designers then ensure at each level and in each direction the demand wind or earthquake loads are less than the sum of the resistances of the bracing elements.

However, when renovating or repairing older buildings, the bracing strength of existing construction is often not known and thus cannot be used in the bracing calculations usually required by the building consent authority.

This report is intended to provide the bracing ratings of many common bracing walls in older construction to fill this need. Some of the systems tested may be deployed in new construction, and the bracing ratings published herein may therefore be used.

Product Information

Publication date 2013
Author SJ Thurston
System number SR305