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SR226 Residential kitchen local fire protection - cost effectiveness analysis (2010)

Product Description

Residential kitchen fires are attributable to a large proportion of residential fires leading to deaths, injuries and damage, therefore a reduction in kitchen-related fires would make a significant impact in our community.

This report summarises an approach developed to evaluate the cost effectiveness of potential systems for use in suppression of local kitchen fires. A framework to experimentally quantify the effectiveness of such systems was also developed that includes a generic test method and a calculation methodology, and the results of that investigation are incorporated into the cost effectiveness analysis presented here.

Distributed parameter values and results were considered to provide insight into the influences. The influences of input parameter values were investigated in terms of the most important parameters within the proposed framework.

A single residential sprinkler head is used to demonstrate the proposed methodology for a cost effectiveness analysis for a limited fire challenge.

Product Information

Publication date 2010
Author AP Robbins
System number SR226