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SR194 Timeline for incipient fire development (2008)

Product Description

This study has evaluated the incipient fire development of a series of purpose-built chairs with polyester fabric-covered flexible polyurethane (PU) seat and back cushions and three sofa chairs.

The results of the measurement of heat release rate (HRR) from ignition to beyond the peak HRR and smoke extinction area (SEA) were analysed and presented as statistical distributions.

The findings indicate that the incipient fire development period is variable, depending on the size and location of the ignition source. It is also likely to be relatively short in duration for the furniture tested, such that its inclusion in the fire development time adds very little additional time available from detection to potential escape time or intervention that would benefit fire engineering design.

Product Information

Publication date 2008
Author PCR Collier and PN Whiting
System number SR194