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  Thermal Performance

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BRANZ staff are experienced in the thermal and insulation performance of buildings, and in the measurement of building energy efficiency. A two minute You Tube clip provides an overview of some of the services provided by our team.

We have contributed extensively to building code and standards developments and provide a full consultancy and testing service, in the laboratory and in the field, to assist manufacturers, designers and industry in general.
We are accredited to test to ASTM C518 and AS/NZS 4859.1 for measuring the properties of thermal insulation materials.
Register your interest for thermal testing and view the guideline to AS/NZS 4859.1 Labelling Requirements, for low-density fibrous insulation.

Other areas of thermal expertise 

  • ASTM C1363 Guarded Hot Box thermal resistance measurement of constructed panels
  • In-situ measurement of thermal conductivity using large area heat flux sensors
  • Precision measurement of thickness and loft recovery of fibrous thermal insulation, including ASTM C167
  • Suppliers of equipment for thermal insulation thickness measurement
  • Specific thermal design
  • Computer modelling of heat flows in buildings
  • ALF (Annual Loss Factor) method for optimising the thermal design of houses
  • Combined heat and moisture performance simulation of buildings and structures
  • Measurement of building energy efficiency
  • Thermal Imaging.
  • View the ITX330 Insulation thickness brochure.