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  BRANZ structures test services

BRANZ structures test services 

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BRANZ structural testing capabilities include:

Wind face-loading
Pressure chamber testing - up to 6kPa of building envelopes (wall and roof cladding systems). We have a purpose-built chamber with a 2.4m square opening and we can construct larger or small chambers on our strong floor.

Dynamic system response
Our shake table facilities replicate and monitor the real-time response of building systems to simulated earthquakes.

Earthquake response of non-structural components
Dynamic testing of the response of non-structural components to simulated earthquake forces eg suspended ceilings, mechanical plant and components, partition systems and claddings.

Fast response field testing
We determine the serviceability compliance of building and floor systems subjected to actions associated with normal use, such as occupancy or externally-induced vibrations, and soft-or hard-body impacts. We also carry out field testing of structures and structural elements.

Prototype testing
Prototype lab or field testing of new or innovative structural systems to demonstrate code compliance.

Elemental testing
Derivation of fundamental mechanical properties using economical small-scale tests (e.g. load-slip testing of panel fixings).

Impact resistance
Hard and soft body testing of walls, glazing and roof claddings to ascertain their resistance and indentation characteristics when they are subjected to different occupancy induced impact loads.

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