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BU626 Slip resistance of floors

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Product Description

Falls on slippery floors claim the lives of several New Zealanders every year, and many more suffer non-fatal injuries from slipping or skidding. Under Building Code clause D1 Access routes, defined access routes, floors and paths must have sufficient friction to minimise the risk of people slipping and being injured.

This bulletin covers how to ensure floors are slip resistant. It updates and replaces Bulletin 370 of the same name.

This bulletin covers:

  • Building Code requirements
  • defining slip resistance
  • measuring slip resistance
  • acceptable slip-resistant materials
  • slip resistance in defined access routes
  • slip resistance within dwellings
  • improving the slip resistance of existing floors
  • maintenance
  • tripping hazards.
Product Information
Publication date August 2018
Product type Bulletin
Availability Available
Product code BU626