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BU554 Aluminium joinery installation in direct-fixed cladding

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Product Description

Inappropriate detailing and installation of aluminium joinery can lead to problems with weathertightness and durability. This bulletin provides an updated overview of the requirements when installing aluminium joinery with a direct-fixed cladding.

This bulletin and Bulletin 553 Aluminium joinery in cavity construction replace Bulletin 452 Weatherproofing aluminium windows and Bulletin 463 Aluminium windows and E2/AS1.

The bulletin covers:

  • New Zealand Building Code and standards
  • E2/AS1 and aluminium joinery
  • where direct-fixed claddings are acceptable under E2/AS1
  • fixings
  • flashings
  • soakers
  • gaps
  • jamb battens
  • preparation of openings
  • installation
  • alternative methods
  • maintenance.
Product Information
Publication date December 2012
Product type Bulletin
Availability Available
Product code BU554