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BU541 Concrete floor slabs

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Product Description

This bulletin describes the general requirements for on-grade concrete floor slabs as described in NZS 3604:2011 Timber-framed buildings. Also discussed are important changes to New Zealand Building clause B1 Structure.

The bulletin covers:

  • Building Code requirements
  • concrete specifications
  • finished floor levels and foundation edge construction
  • footings
  • granular hardfill
  • damp-proof membranes
  • reinforcing
  • slab thickness and dimensions
  • shrinkage control joints
  • curing, concrete strength and concrete cover
  • internal loadbearing walls and slabs
  • fixing of plates
  • floor slab insulation and in-slab heating.
Product Information
Publication date December 2011
Product type Bulletin
Availability Available
Product code BU541