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Quality underpins everything we do. It is at the very core of our values, and it enables BRANZ Group to be a credible, sought after and respected enterprise that inspires the industry to provide better buildings for New Zealanders.


On 4 October 1976, BRANZ was one of the first laboratories in New Zealand to be registered as an accredited testing laboratory. The accreditation was in the field of physical testing (our fire laboratory), and the accreditation has been retained and the range of tests expanded over subsequent years.

Our test reports and certificates are accepted in 68 economies around the world. Our accreditation is issued by IANZ under the International Laboratory standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005. Current Acceditations are Mechanical (918) covers weathertightness. And, Applied Physics (37) covers fire testing, fire resistance testing and thermal insulationMaritime New Zealand also accept BRANZ as a test laboratory.

BRANZ has maintained certification under ISO 9001 for its overall operation since May 1994.

Customer satisfaction

BRANZ is committed to meeting or exceeding customers' expectations. One way of quantifying our performance is through satisfaction surveys. Our results since 2011 reveal that we are ‘meeting customer expectations at levels between 90 and 99%.  

Accreditation, Certification and Policy