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  Passive fire risk assessment tool

A residential risk analysis tool has been designed to provide a basis for assessing the means of escape from fire risk caused by defective passive fire construction, and whether it is "reasonable and practicable" to repair.

The tool creates a numerical score based on factors selected for risk and cost of repair for individual defects. The risk and cost scores are then plotted on a risk matrix showing three possible outcomes:

  • repair defect
  • smoke seal only
  • not practicable and reasonable to repair.

This tool is aimed at fire engineers, passive fire protection specialists, and building alteration project managers (with appropriate fire expertise engagement).

Acknowledgements to Maynard Marks for developing this tool. 

Disclaimer: This tool on its own does not provide a basis for "as near as reasonably practicable" (ANARP) building code compliance but can be used to evaluate individual defects in conjunction with a systematic risk assessment process. The use of this tool can only be undertaken with agreement among the stakeholders for the project at hand. It is not designed for use with new construction.