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  Nail List Summary

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BRANZ Appraisals - Nails and Fasteners

546 (2012) Paslode Nails  
565 (2016) Paslode Stud/Plate Connections 
780 (2012) Hilti Nails - Timber Joints 

NZS 3604 Nail listing

Issue date Nail listing
Listing holderNail ID Description  Dimensions*HDG
21 Mar 2019ST11269Confast LtdD Head paper strip gun nails 3490 x 3.15 bright framing nailsPassNAPass
21 Mar 2019ST11269Confast LtdD Head paper strip gun nails 3490 x 3.15 galvanised framing nailsPassPassPass
5 Feb 2019 ST1190 Building King Ltd BKEG90 90x3.15 mm bright steel Pass NA Pass 
5 Feb 2019ST1190 Building King Ltd BKHDG90 90x3.15 mm HDG nail Pass Pass Pass 
9 Apr 2018 ST1239 Delfast Delfast 90x3.15mm Bright 90 x 3.15 mm Bright  Pass NA Pass 
9 Apr 2018 ST1239 Delfast Delfast 90x3.15mm HDG 90 x 3.15 mm HDG Galvanised Pass Pass Pass 
16 Oct 2017ST1151 ECKO Fastening Systems LtdND-3490S90 mmx3.15 mm ECKO D-head Bright SmoothPass NA Pass  
22 Aug 2017ST1224 Kiwi Nails Fasteners 
101 90x3.15 framing nail. Bright PassPass Pass 
22 Aug 2017ST1224 Kiwi Nails Fasteners 
10290x3.15 framing nail. Hot dip galvanised Pass Pass Pass 

* The nails meet the dimensional requirements for the specified size.
Assessed in accordance with AS 2334-1980. Steel nails-metric series.

** The nails meet the requirements of 320g/m2 of galvanising.
Assessed in accordance with NZS 3604:2011. Timber framed buildings

*** The nails successfully passed the ductility test.
Tested in accordance with ASTM F1667-15. Standard specification for Driven fasteners: Nails, Spikes, ands Staples.

BRANZ makes no representation or warranty as to the nature of individual examples of, batches of, or individual installations of the product, including methods and workmanship.