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  Lintels and Beams Calculator

The BRANZ Lintels and Beams Calculator is intended for use on buildings within the scope of NZS 3604:2011 Timber framed buildings, but the range of applications, loads and spans goes beyond what is in the standard. Read more about the engineering basis (PDF 551kB).

Go to the Lintels and Beams Calculator. Log into MyBRANZ to access this tool. See link at top of page.

It's easy to use by a suitably qualified person:
1. Create a project (including project name and reference, client, site address, Building Consent Authority, wind zone, site elevation and snow region).
2. Do a calculation:

  • Choose a beam application from the list (use the pop-up diagrams as a guide).
  • Enter beam data in the boxes provided.
  • Select a beam suitable for your project.
  • Select an appropriate support and foundation for each end of the beam.

3. Save the calculation to a printable summary schedule. You can save calculations for other beams/lintels for the same project in one schedule, and you can make changes. Each calculation will be saved on the BRANZ Lintels and Beams Calculator website for 6 months for FREE.
4. Buy the calculation. Purchase full calculation schedules to include in consent application documents. Check your data carefully because once you purchase the full calculation it cannot be changed. We suggest you also submit the engineering basis (PDF 551kB). (Any calculation not purchased within 6 months will be deleted from the BRANZ Lintels and Beams Calculator website.) 

Please note: The purchase of a calculation includes a PS1 covering the development of the software. A project-specific PS1 prepared by the project designer is required by the building consent authority (BCA). For some BCAs, the date of each PS1 must be no older than 90 days from submission of a consent application.