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Research funding for external providers

The Building Research Levy funds projects from a range of research and knowledge providers including universities, Crown research institutes, independent research organisations, industry bodies and private providers.

Funding for external projects

BRANZ seeks to fund innovative and practical projects that align with the priorities and research themes identified in the Building Research Levy prospectus.

Proposals must provide evidence that the project put forward is addressing the research questions and is aligned with the research priorities.

This year's Prospectus round has now closed.

Proposal assessment process

Proposals undergo a rigorous assessment process to make sure the work funded by the Building Research Levy is of a high standard.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) participates in this advisory group to recognise the connection between Levy-funded research and government regulatory and policy direction.

Research priorities

The research priorities for each financial year are guided by the BRANZ portfolio and Levy investment signals that are outlined in the Building Research Levy investment portfolio statement. 

Research providers who are seeking Building Research Levy funding should align their research to these priorities when submitting a proposal.

Find out more about funding for external providers

To enquire about accessing funding for potential research collaboration or BRANZ’s investment and stewardship of the Building Research Levy, email