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Building Research Levy prospectus

The Building Research Levy prospectus sets out the key themes and research priorities that BRANZ is looking to fund through the Building Research Levy.

Levy investment focus for 2019/20

The Building Research Levy prospectus 2019-2020 calls for stand-alone research proposals responding to questions in two themes:

  • Applying technology to drive change.
  • Using evidence to measure and improve the performance of the building and construction industry.

Submissions of research proposals usually close in early autumn for the following financial year.

Investment portfolio

The Building Research Levy investment portfolio statement gives the priorities for the research questions in the Building Research Levy prospectus.

BRANZ has an integrated portfolio approach to investing the Building Research Levy that aims to deliver better outcomes in the built environment and make a positive difference to New Zealanders.

The four main components of our current portfolio are:

  • multi-year, multi-disciplinary programmes of work
  • stand-alone projects
  • key initiatives that underpin transfer of accessible knowledge to industry
  • strategic initiatives aimed at driving industry-level change and transformation.