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  Good Repair Guide: Horizontal Timber Weatherboards


Horizontal timber weatherboards are a popular choice of cladding material. They have a long track record of durability in New Zealand when properly installed and maintained.

Over time, water entry through poorly installed or maintained weatherboard cladding may cause significant structural damage and other problems long before any symptoms become apparent on the exterior or interior of a building. Regular checks and proper maintenance are critical to ensuring weathertightness.

Under the New Zealand Building Code, weatherboards must:

  • withstand the forces acting on them
  • protect people and the building structure from moisture-related damage.

If a leak or any associated damage becomes obvious, it is advisable to consult a registered building surveyor in order to determine the extent of the problem and necessary repair options.

Documents relevant to the maintenance and repair of timber weatherboards are listed at the end of the guide. This is not an exhaustive list and those undertaking repairs should have at least some basic building experience or should employ somebody with the required skills and knowledge.

This book highlights the common problems and causes, types and extent of damages, rules and regulations, health and safety, tools, repairing and replacing weatherboards as well as related documents and standards.