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 Our Environmental Performance

BRANZ is proud of its Diamond Certification to the Enviro-Mark environmental programme administered by Landcare Research and our on-going aspiration is to continue improving our environmental performance.

We received our Diamond Certification in November 2009, and at that time, only five other businesses in New Zealand held Diamond certification. There are now 40 businesses with Diamond Certification.

This certification is equivalent to achieving ISO 14001 - the international environmental standard for good environmental management.

Energy-saving technologies were incorporated in the 2011/12 refurbishment of our site and are mentioned in this 6-minute You Tube clip

We set ourselves some challenging environmental targets, and our performance against four of those targets is outlined below.


Electricity consumption to be 12% lower than our predicted usage - taking into account the outside temperature, the number of working days in the month and the number of staff.

Result: Not met. Our electricity consumption was down by 9% against predicted levels.

This calculation did not take into account the changes brought about by the refurbishments to our buildings. A better predictive formula was developed in February 2016. 


Waste to landfill - from our gantry bins

80 tonnes.

Result: Met. The weight was 64 tonnes.


Water use 

A water leak caused a large spike in use during 2010. The leak was fixed, and the dramatic reduction in water use was a combination of fixing the leak and water-saving technologies provided by the refurbishments.

Target: 1,000 m3.

Result: Met. 


On-site treatment plant

We are not connected to the city sewerage system - we have our own treatment plant on site.

Target: Coliform readings - 8 out of 12 samples less than 10,000 cfu/100 ml and yearly total to be less than 100,000 cfu/100 ml.

Result: Met.