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Provides mean carbon footprint values for New Zealand case study residential and office buildings.

CO₂MPARE provides summary carbon footprint and other data and information about reference residential and office buildings that BRANZ has evaluated. This includes the mean and low/high range of embodied and operational carbon footprint on a 'per square metre per year' and 'per occupant per year' basis (residential only). These can be useful for understanding the magnitude and ranges of carbon footprints of New Zealand buildings.

Information about the case study buildings in the tool is also presented, such as simulated energy use intensity (EUI) and the top five materials contributing to the building carbon footprint.

The carbon budgets calculated for the case study buildings are also provided.

Please note that CO₂MPARE contains macros that need to be enabled for the tool functionality to operate correctly.

Download CO₂MPARE

For more information about CO₂MPARE, you are welcome to email:

  • Jarred Butler at