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  Good Repair Guide: Dealing with Mould


Mould and mould spores are everywhere. Although mould performs the essential role of breaking down dead organic matter in the natural environment, it also grows in places it is not wanted, such as within homes, where it will grow on any internal damp surface and material, including wall linings, ceilings, carpets, furnishings and fabrics, and will damage and ultimately destroy those materials.

As well as causing damage to building materials, internal mould growth in homes is unhealthy for many building occupants. while some moulds are harmless, others can cause health problems such as allergies, asthma and hay fever in some people, and a few moulds can cause more serious illness.

This Good Repair Guide outlines strategies for maintenance tradespeople to remove internal mould and put measures in place to control moisture and raise temperatures in order to minimise its reccurrence. This guide should be read in conjunction with BRANZ Good Repair Guide Improving Internal Ventilation.
This books looks at what is mould, the problems and health consequences, rules, cleaning methods for mould and improved ventilation.