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Returning to a building site after a lockdown/closure

If your building site has been closed due to a lockdown, you may need to assess the condition of your building site and your materials.

These BRANZ guidelines for returning to a site after lockdown or closure provide information about what actions to take and where to go to get additional help.

Health and safety

  • Action: Prepare your COVID-19 control plan

Condition of your site and materials after lockdown/closure

  • Action: Before returning to site, check exposure limits and plan remediation
  • Action: When returning to site, check for damage and minimise exposure
  • Action: Plan for a return to Alert Level 4 

Guidance on exposure limits

Moisture content

Salt deposition

Material hotspots

  • Wall and roof building underlays
  • Rigid wall underlays
  • Timber framing
  • Particleboard and other reconstituted wood board (RWB) sheets
  • Engineered wood products (EWPs)
  • Plywood
  • Steel reinforcing bars
  • Steel framing
  • Fibre-cement claddings
  • Metal sheet claddings
  • Fixings
  • Joints and connections
  • Flashing tape

Further information or need to talk?

Download our Guidance for returning to building sites at after a lockdown/closure handbook.