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  Good Repair Guide: Construction stains

Building and renovation work can result in spills and splashes causing undesirable staining on nearby surfaces. GRG Construction stains.pngThe most common substances likely to cause staining if not handled or used correctly include:

  • paints, varishes and stains (waterborne and solventborne)
  • oil, grease and wax
  • adhesives
  • sealants (silicone and latex)
  • concrete and cement-based mortar and grout
  • asphalt and tar.

 This Good Repair Guide covers:

  • the solvents and cleaners available for stain removal and the procedures for removing different types of construction related stains without damaging the underlying material
  • physical removal options such as abrading, rubbing, sanding, scraping, sandblasting, grinding, steam cleaning, brushing or scouring where appropriate
  • dry materials that may be applied to a stain or spillage.