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Heat pumps in New Zealand houses

Heating energy and temperatures in heavy mass houses

Heating energy need in heavy and lightweight houses

Hot water cylinders can survive earthquake

Hot water over time - the New Zealand experience

House airtightness with age

Household energy use in a temperate climate

How are solar water heaters used in New Zealand?

How are U on your Rs?

How well do building plastics shape up?

Impacts of climate change on building performance in New Zealand

Implications of the New Zealand Building Code durability requirements

Inferring ventilation and moisture release rates from psychrometric data only using system identification techniques

Infiltration and leakage paths in single family houses - a multi-zone infiltration case study

Influences on summer indoor temperatures in a representative sample of New Zealand houses

Information resources on corrosion

Innovation and building controls

Innovation in the building sector - trends and new technologies

Integrating climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies for New Zealand's built environment

Integrating functional and object-oriented programming