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Face load performance of masonry veneer under seismic action

Factors influencing reinforced concrete durability design in New Zealand's marine environment

Findings from the Household Energy End-Use Project (HEEP)

Fire engineering reports and the approval process

Fire in residential buildings - comparison between experimental data and zone model

Fire incident data - collection and use in New Zealand

Fire performance of external wall claddings under a performance based building code

Fire performance of gusset connections in glue laminated timber

Fire properties of building materials and the early fire hazard test

Fire protection and cold storage

Fire resistance of loadbearing timber walls

Fire resistance of wood framed walls

Fire resistance testing of loaded timber floors

Fire risk assessment using the building safety engineering method

Fire test facilities for BRANZ

Flame spread classification method for exterior wall claddings (1998)

Flame spread classification method for exterior wall claddings (1999)

From the Fire Code to thermal design - KBS for the building industry

Further analytical studies of building cavity moisture concentrations

Future directions in fire testing of building products