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Effect of moisture content on mechanical and dimensional properties of New Zealand particle boards and fibre boards

Effective penetration depth and effective resistance in moisture transfer

Effectiveness of weathergrooves in weatherboard cladding

Effects of UV radiation on building materials

Electrochemical study of the corrosion of metals in contact with preservative treated wood

Electron spectroscopy of chromated galvanised steel sheet after heating, immersion in water or outdoor weathering

Electron spectroscopy of chromated galvanised steel surfaces

Empirical vs theoretical life prediction for subfloor structural connectors

Energy and facility management - developing a profitable partnership

Energy end-use and socio/demographic occupant characteristics of New Zealand households

Energy end-use in New Zealand houses

Energy, income and well-being - where is the link?

Engineering application of heat flux sensors in buildings - technical note

Engineering application of heat flux sensors in buildings - the sensor and its behaviour

Environmental corrosivity in New Zealand - results after ten years' exposure

Environmental issues - commitment to the Kyoto Protocol and the greening of buildings

Experience with durability assessment and performance-based building codes

Experiences with a cyclic wall bracing test and evaluation procedure

Expert systems for regulations and codes

Exploration of summer temperatures in New Zealand houses and the temperature drivers