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Atmospheric factors affecting materials degradation in New Zealand

Automatic datalogging timber moisture contents over the range 10%-50%W/W

Behaviour of light timber-framed floors subjected to fire attack from above

Benefit-cost analysis of thermal insulation in Australian dwellings

Bolted timber joints

BRANZ database programme

Building cladding air pressure equalisation investigations - comparison between field results and a numerical model

Building fire safety and hazard assessment methods for combustible surface finishes

Building materials research and testing

Building science, regulations and health

Building site measurements for predicting air infiltration rates

Building thermal performance determination

Ceramic tile failure in a dairy processing plant

Changes in indoor climate and microclimate of a New Zealand bungalow after a two-stage insulation retrofit

Changes in national building research organisations

Class language - a language for building expert systems

Clawback of energy efficiency upgrades in New Zealand households

Climate change impacts in New Zealand: A cross-disciplinary assessment of the need to adapt buildings, with focus on housing

Climate change impacts on building performance

Climate change mitigation and adaptation tools for homes and offices in New Zealand