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Technique for measuring the reflective properties of building insulation

Testing commercial building energy standards

The baseload and standby power consumption of New Zealand houses

The building research levy system used in New Zealand

The building volume with hygroscopic materials - an analytical study of a classical building physics problem

The development and acceptance of innovations under a performance-based building code

The development of a BRANZ computerised building technology information resource

The development of an expert system for seismic loading

The development of an expert system for wall bracing design

The durability of linseed oil putties and rigid acrylic caulks as fillers for exterior timber

The effect of mandatory insulation on household energy consumption

The estimation of solar radiation in New Zealand

The evolution of class language

The fire behaviour of protected unloaded gusset connections for glulam timber members

The fire performance of protected nail-on gusset connections for loaded glulam members

The history, scientific basis and application of international IGU durability tests

The Household Energy End-Use Project - measurement approach and sample application of the New Zealand household energy model

The impact of solar radiation on the air temperature within a residential building

The infiltration component of ventilation in New Zealand houses

The Keiper method for moisture design in buildings