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Researchers working with building surveyors

Residential heat pumps in New Zealand

Review of BRANZ food industry flooring research 1975-1985

Review of the fire performance of floor coverings

Room-corner fire growth and zone model for lining materials

Sensitivity of insulated wall and ceiling cavities to workmanship

Sheathing contributions to wall element strength and stiffness

Six years natural weathering of sealants

Solar-driven moisture transfer through absorbent roofing materials

Some apparent limitations in using the ISO atmospheric corrosivity categories

Standby and baseload in New Zealand houses - a nationwide statistically representative study

Stormy seas, salt deposition and environmental corrosivity - a discussion

Structural glazing in New Zealand - development and current status

Subfloor evaporation rates

Suggested zones of steel corrosion hazard in New Zealand atmospheres

Summer temperatures in New Zealand houses

Supply requires demand - where does all of New Zealand's energy go?

Surface temperature variations

Surveys of insulated glazing use in New Zealand housing as an energy efficiency micro-indicator 1994-1998

Systematic errors with surface mounted heat flux transducers and how to live with them