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Poverty and comfort

Practical challenges in high intensive domestic monitoring

Prediction of durability for performance-based codes

Prelaid particle board flooring in New Zealand

Preliminary findings on the internal temperatures in a selection of Wanganui houses

Preliminary ventilation effectiveness measurements by a pulse tracer method

Pressure equalised rainscreen joint modelling with the numerical model PERAM

Problems with plastics durability in New Zealand buildings

Proposed method for measuring the thermal properties of windows in the new BRANZ guarded hotbox

Prospects for domestic energy conservation in New Zealand

Pseudo-dynamic seismic testing of structural timber elements

Quality control of polymer mortar flooring surfacings - resin content and aggregate grading by pyrolysis

R-values that are made to measure

Racking resistance of light timber framed walls with openings

Rating seismic bracing elements analytically and by pseudo-dynamic test

Real experience of retrofitting for sustainability

REBRI and the easy guide to reducing construction wastes

Recent developments in techniques for protecting steel from fire

Recycled construction rubble as aggregate

Reducing radiation from building fires with fire resistant glazing