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The impact of solar radiation on the air temperature within a residential building

The infiltration component of ventilation in New Zealand houses

The influence of design and procurement on construction site waste generation - a pilot study, SR081

The influence of timber treatment preservative systems on the performance of commercial resistance-based moisture meters, SR161

The Keiper method for moisture design in buildings

The knowledge base - will the frog turn into a prince?

The measurement of whole building energy usage for New Zealand houses

The migration of plasticisers from PVC cable sheathing into expanded polystyrene insulation

The moisture performance of framed structures - a mathematical model

The need for new electricity generation - the role of demand

The New Zealand Housing Preferences Survey: Attitudes towards medium-density housing, SR378

The New Zealand Rental Sector, ER22

The performance of bolted timber joints with departures from New Zealand code requirements, SR010

The performance of solar water heaters in New Zealand, SR188

The potential for over-cladding: A scoping study, SR324

The racking behaviour of curtain wall glazing during simulated earthquake (1992)

The racking behaviour of curtain wall glazing during simulated earthquake (1993)

The relationship between fire severity and time equivalence , SR314

The role of the Building Research Association in building controls

The role of ventilation in managing moisture inside New Zealand homes, SR341