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Sustainability fact sheet 3: Trombe Wall Design

Sustainability of the New Zealand housing stock, SR253

Systematic errors with surface mounted heat flux transducers and how to live with them

Talking Timber
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Technique for measuring the reflective properties of building insulation

Test and evaluation method of systems to provide 60 minutes fire resistance for nailed gusset connections, TR07

Test and evaluation procedure for window and door supports, EM6

Test procedure for adhesive, primers and seam tapes for butyl and EPDM rubber waterproofing membranes, EM5

Test procedure for coating and jointing systems for flush finished fibre cement sheeting, EM4

Test product
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Testing an evaluation method for structural insulated panels (SIPs), SR429

Testing commercial building energy standards

Testing methodology for the dynamic properties evaluation of building parts and non-structural components, SR157

The baseload and standby power consumption of New Zealand houses

The behaviour of external glazing systems under seismic in-plane racking, SR039

The bracing performance of long plasterboard-lined walls, SR273

The building research levy system used in New Zealand

The building volume with hygroscopic materials - an analytical study of a classical building physics problem

The built environment and climate change: A review of research, challenges and the future, SR403

The Calculation Method
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