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Study of fire test methods applicable to flexible fabrics, duct materials and cables, SR170

Study of the moisture management properties of roof underlays, SR228

Subfloor evaporation rates

Suggested zones of steel corrosion hazard in New Zealand atmospheres

Suicide in New Zealands Construction Industry Workforce ER40

Summary of the implementation of a fire research federated search element, SR281

Summary report on a finite element programme for modelling the thermal response of building components exposed to fire, SR051

Summer temperatures in New Zealand houses

Summertime over-heating in New Zealand houses - influences, risks and mitigation strategies, SR089

Supplement to P21: An evaluation method of P21 test results for use with NZS 3604:1990, TR10

Supply requires demand - where does all of New Zealand's energy go?

Surface temperature variations

Survey of computer use in the New Zealand building and construction industry, SR080

Survey of metal problems in the building industry, SR023

Survey of nail plate corrosion in the roof space of houses near the coast, SR114

Survey of plastics problems in the New Zealand building industry, SR047

Surveys of insulated glazing use in New Zealand housing as an energy efficiency micro-indicator 1994-1998

Suspended Floor System
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Sustainability fact sheet 1: Passive Solar Design

Sustainability fact sheet 2: Photovoltaic Design