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Soil expansivity in the Auckland region - initial report, SR120

Solar wall collectors - results of a field trial in three schools and a house, SR231

Solar-driven moisture transfer through absorbent roofing materials

Some apparent limitations in using the ISO atmospheric corrosivity categories

Soot yield values for modelling purposes - residential occupancies, SR185

Specific design for multi-storey light steel framed buildings, ER34

Sprinklers for community buildings and places of special or historical interest, SR252

SR409 Fire spread from lower roofs project: Final report

Measuring our sustainability progress - NZs new detached residential housing stock (first update), SR426

Foundation for risk-informed fire safety design, SR430

SR438 Perspectives on the use of structural engineered wood products and adhesives in NZ. Results of an industry survey

Standby and baseload in New Zealand houses - a nationwide statistically representative study

State of the art of timber-based hybrid seismic-resistant structures, SR400

Stormy seas, salt deposition and environmental corrosivity - a discussion

Strategy and Business Plan 2013-2014

Structural glazing in New Zealand - development and current status

Structural joints - strength and stiffness evaluation, EM1

Structural performance of conservatories, SR030

Structural performance of houses in the Canterbury earthquake series, SR327

SR053 Seismic performance of masonry veneers and ties