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Residential New Zealand fire statistics - part 1 - initial analysis, SR222

Residential New Zealand fire statistics - part 2 - two-level event tree analysis, SR223

Residential Retrofit and Renovation
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esidential water end use literature survey, SR149

Residential water tariffs in New Zealand, SR413

Residential water use factsheet 1: Residential water tariffs

Restricted Building Work
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Retrofit performance measurement of Kotuku Apartments, SR369

Retrofitting insulation in residential properties, ER32

Retrofitting of houses to resist extreme wind events, SR187

Review of BRANZ food industry flooring research 1975-1985

Review of how Life Cycle Assessment is used in International Building Environmental Rating Tools, SR272

Review of how life cycle assessment is used in international building environmental rating tools - issues for consideration in N

Review of the BRANZ Green Home Scheme, SR134

Review of the fire performance of floor coverings

Revised Legal Frameworks for Ownership and Use of Multi-dwelling Units, ER23

Revisiting concrete ground floor slabs, SR340

Rigid sheathing and airtightness in New Zealand, SR299

Rigid sheathing and pressure equalisation in New Zealand, SR298

Risk matrix - part 1