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Physical characteristics of new non-residential buildings 2018, SR423

Planning barriers for prefabricated housing, ER36

Plumbing and Drainage Guide 2nd edition
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Pollutant dispersion simulated by a tracer gas in a naturally ventilated test house

Polystyrene aggregate concrete, SR085

Positional corrosion 1: Impacts of natural elements on different parts of the building envelope

Positional corrosion 2: How different micro-environments around a building envelope affect material corrosion

Post-Earthquake Fire Protection Systems
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Post-earthquake performance of passive fire protection systems, SR147

Post-earthquake performance of passive fire protection systems, SR304

Potential measures of productivity and performance at the firm, grouped firm and regional level, SR317

Poverty and comfort

Practical challenges in high intensive domestic monitoring

Practical means of assessing solar water heater performance and operation, SR239

Prediction of durability for performance-based codes

Prefabrication and standardisation potential in buildings, SR312

Prefabrication impacts in the New Zealand construction industry, SR279

Prelaid particle board flooring in New Zealand

Preliminary findings on the internal temperatures in a selection of Wanganui houses

Preliminary House Condition Survey Report, SR240