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Mid-rise building factsheet 2: Showing compliance

Mid-rise building factsheet 3: Water management/rainscreen strategies for wall claddings

Mid-rise building factsheet 4: Reinforcing steel cover

Mid-rise building factsheet 5: Steel corrosion

Mitigating the impacts of climate change on the built environment, SR118

Mixed-Use Urban Planning and Development, ER26

Modelled housing quality and tenure in New Zealand, ER22B

Modelling fire behaviour of metal pipe penetrations through concrete walls, SR065

Modelling Methods - ALF
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Modelling of heat transfer in composite structures at fire temperatures

Modelling of moisture transfer in structures - I - a description of a finite-difference nodal model

Modelling of moisture transfer in structures - II - a comparison of a numerical model - an analytical model and some experimenta

Modelling of moisture transfer in structures - III - a comparison between numerical model SMAHT and field data

Modelling of some dwelling internal microclimates

Moisture control and IG unit longevity

Moisture diffusion due to periodic moisture and temperature boundary conditions - an approximate steady analytical solution with

Moisture in Materials
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Moisture transfer in roof sections under cyclic conditions and constant air pressure difference - laboratory and modelling studi

Multi-disciplinary investigation of energy use in New Zealand households

Multi-storey light timber-framed buildings in NZ: Engineering design