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Introduction to the LBP scheme
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Introduction to Timber Treatment
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Investigation into the performance of brick veneer walls installed with Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation - A case study, SR234

Investigation into the performance of Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation, SR233

Investigation of the strength and stiffness of dry-bedded masonry ties in various veneer types, SR152

Investigative pull-out testing of anchors near corners of concrete house foundations formed with masonry header blocks, SR357

Isothermal moisture transfer coefficients in Pinus radiata above the fibre saturation point using the moment method

Keeping Water Out
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Keeping your home dry brochure

Knowledge-based systems for building technology - strategic implications

Knowledge-based systems for building technology in New Zealand

Kotuku Apartments thermal modelling design stage, SR362

Land value capture to fund transport investments in cities, ER17

Landscape Construction
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Latex roof paints on galvanised steel - weathering trials

Leakage of smoke control door assemblies, SR151

Learnings from the BRANZ Refurbishments, SR323

Learnings from the Canterbury Earthquakes
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Lessons from flooring failures

LEVEL Sustainability Seminar: Energy
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