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Application of polarisation resistance measurements for the estimation of corrosion rates of galvanised steel structures in soil

Applying Blockchain to product compliance and assurance in the construction industry ER42

Approaches to corrosion awareness

As safe as houses

Asbestos in soil: a guide for workplaces (FREE)

Assessing risk of non-compliant firestopping and smokestopping in NZ residential buildings undergoing alterations, SR410

Assessment of slope stability at building sites, SR004

Assessment of the need to adapt buildings in New Zealand to the impacts of climate change, SR179

Atmospheric chloride deposition and corrosivity at Judgeford, New Zealand

Atmospheric corrosion in New Zealand

Atmospheric corrosion rates over two years' exposure at 156 sites in New Zealand

Atmospheric corrosion survey of New Zealand - six year results

Atmospheric corrosivity in New Zealand

Atmospheric factors affecting materials degradation in New Zealand

Auckland housing forecasts and the Unitary Plan, SR295

Automatic datalogging timber moisture contents over the range 10%-50%W/W

Automatic water-based fire suppression system experiments - Literature summary for model validation purposes, SR257

B-RISK 2013 software benchmarking examples, SR292

B-RISK 2016 user guide and technical manual, SR364

B-RISK user guide and technical manual, SR282