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Fire performance of gusset connections in glue laminated timber

Fire properties of building materials and the early fire hazard test

Fire properties of floor coverings - new fire test methods and acceptable solutions, SR181

Fire properties of wall and ceiling linings - new fire test methods and acceptable solution revisions, SR160

Fire protection and cold storage

Fire protection of New Zealand's traditional Maori buildings, SR128

Fire resistance of joint details in load bearing timber construction - a literature survey, SR018

Fire resistance of loadbearing timber walls

Fire resistance of New Zealand concretes - part 1, SR034

Fire resistance of New Zealand concretes - part 2, SR040

Fire resistance of wood framed walls

Fire resistance requirements in single-storey industrial and warehouse buildings, SER417

Fire resistance testing of loaded timber floors

Fire risk assessment using the building safety engineering method

Fire safety features in housing, SR291

Fire safety in atrium buildings, SR015

Fire severities for structural fire engineering design, SR067

Fire test facilities for BRANZ

FireBarrier - technical reference guide, SR127

Firm productivity variations, SR254