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Experience with durability assessment and performance-based building codes

Experiences with a cyclic wall bracing test and evaluation procedure

Expert systems for regulations and codes

Exploration of summer temperatures in New Zealand houses and the temperature drivers

Facade fire spread in multi-storey buildings, SR032

Face load performance of masonry veneer under seismic action

Facilities management industry census 2018, SR424

Factors influencing reinforced concrete durability design in New Zealand's marine environment

Falling from Heights, ER24

Fibre reinforced polymer composites, SR172

Field testing of house pile foundations under lateral loading, SR058

Findings from the Household Energy End-Use Project (HEEP)

Fire behaviour of HVAC duct and pipe insulation materials, SR339

Fire design for aging residential occupancies, SR245

Fire engineering design of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete elements, SR033

Fire engineering reports and the approval process

Fire hazards in residential buildings, SR061

Fire in residential buildings - comparison between experimental data and zone model

Fire incident data - collection and use in New Zealand

Fire performance of external wall claddings under a performance based building code