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Alternative Tenure Models and their Potential Applicability on a NZ Content, ER35

An analysis of wind-driven rain in New Zealand, SR300

An anatomy of mildew risk with reflective insulation, SR060

An Assessment of the Likely Changes to Construction Businesses in Christchurch Post Recovery, ER7

An Australian earthquake standard

An economic analysis of aluminium window frame maintenance, SR003

An initial investigation into New Zealand's residential hot water energy usage

An inspection of solar water heater installations, SR184

An international agenda for research

An investigation of 62 coastal sub-floors for fastener corrosion, SR072

Analysis of incidents involving open fireplaces and solid fuel heating appliances during the winter of 1987, SR011

Annual Review 2013

Annual Review 2014

Annual Review 2015

Annual Review 2016

Annual Review 2017

Annual Review 2018

Annual Review 2019

Application of polarisation resistance measurements for the estimation of corrosion rates of galvanised steel structures in soil

Applying Blockchain to product compliance and assurance in the construction industry ER42