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Development and validation of a design tool for avoiding mould growth in dwellings to provide a validation method for the perfor

Development of acceptable solutions for the revised energy clause of the NZBC (residential buildings)

Development of marketable knowledge-based systems

Development of vertical channel test method for regulatory control of combustible exterior cladding systems, SR137

Developments in building energy management and low energy lighting systems

Direct measurements of temperature and humidity in dust mite microhabitats

Dissemination strategies for technical and research information in the building industry

Doing better in residential buildings: Going beyond the code, ER27

Domestic Sprinkler Design - FREE
Drainage planes and their applicability to New Zealand, SR268

Drained and vented cavity walls - measured ventilation rates

Drained Joints

Draught Control Systems for New Zealand Houses, SR027

Drivers and barriers to rainwater and greywater uptake in New Zealand, SR382

Durability aspects for coatings on buildings in Australia and New Zealand

Durability assessment of coated galvanised steel roof claddings

Durability of fibre-concrete sheet claddings

Durability of reinforced concrete structures under marine exposure in New Zealand, SR145

Durability of stainless steel flues, SR008

Durability prediction for coastal reinforced concrete structures - matching reality and theory