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Drained Joints

Draught Control Systems for New Zealand Houses, SR027

Drivers and barriers to rainwater and greywater uptake in New Zealand, SR382

Durability aspects for coatings on buildings in Australia and New Zealand

Durability assessment of coated galvanised steel roof claddings

Durability of fibre-concrete sheet claddings

Durability of reinforced concrete structures under marine exposure in New Zealand, SR145

Durability of stainless steel flues, SR008

Durability prediction for coastal reinforced concrete structures - matching reality and theory

Durability studies on wood fibre-reinforced cement sheet

Dynamic characteristics of New Zealand heavy floors, SR035

E2/AS1 Risk Matrix
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Earthquake load sharing between timber framed and masonry walls

Earthquake loads and earthquake resistant design of buildings

Earthquake resistance considerations for degrading systems

Effect and remediation of the loss of building lateral stiffness caused by earthquake loading, SR265

Effect of humidity on physical and mechanical properties of New Zealand wood composites

Effect of moisture content on mechanical and dimensional properties of New Zealand particle boards and fibre boards

Effect of recycled concrete aggregate on new concrete, SR101

Effect of the loan-to-value limits on new housing, SR303