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Controlling dust mites psychometrically - a review for building scientists and engineers

Corrosion and corrosion prevention in exterior metal claddings

Corrosion in the atmosphere

Corrosion of fasteners in treated timber, SR241

Corrosion of fasteners in timber treatment (Appendix), SR241A

Corrosion of metal fasteners embedded in timber

Corrosion of metal fasteners in timber

Corrosion of mild steel, HDG steel and 316 stainless steel in treated Pinus radiata

Corrosion-resistant flooring

Corrosivity zones in New Zealand - definition, interpretation and measurement

Cost efficiencies of standardised new housing, SR247

Cost-effective domestic fire sprinkler systems

Cost-effective fire safety measures for residential buildings in New Zealandfor Residential buildings in New Zealand, SR093

Could damp homes be too cold/underheated?, SR389

Cradle to the grave - LCA tools for sustainable development

Creep and shrinkage of inorganic polymer concrete, SR175

Critical properties of mortar for good seismic performance of brick veneer, SR258

Cross-laminated timber for building structures, SR336

Current research in building moisture control

Damping devices, ER31