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Applying Blockchain to product compliance and assurance in the construction industry ER42

$100 worth of comfort: the real value of energy technologies

2010 BRANZ Research and Information Agenda

2015 House Condition Survey: Comparison of house condition by tenure, SR370

A building data model for integration, SR049

A building pathology system in New Zealand - what is possible? SR366

A Construction Dashboard of Key Industry Measures, SR321

A draft climate change sustainability index for houses, SR095

A durability assessment tool for the New Zealand Building Code

A field study of heat loss of a slab floor and conservatory

A field study of the moisture performance of roofs of occupied, newly constructed timber framed houses

A four-year site measurement of heat flow in slab-on-ground floors with wet soils

A framework to develop a cohesive structural and fire engineering design approach for buildings, SR347

A guide to the performance expectations of New Zealand housing systems, SR087

A hot water cylinder to survive earthquakes

A knowledge-based system on the selection of adhesives for wood or wood-based substrates

A literature survey of design methods for floors subjected to occupant-induced vibrations, SR031

A literature survey of electrical techniques for measuring concrete moisture profiles, SR048

A model for predicting the fire-resisting performance of small-scale cavity walls in realistic fires

A model to explain anomalous moisture sorption in wood under step function driving forces