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 Important Information About Your Security - MyBRANZ

Update about your MyBRANZ account security (12 June 2017)

Following our recent contact in relation to the MyBRANZ information breach on we would like to update you on progress.

In our last email we explained that your MyBRANZ account information had been compromised in a security breach and that we were working with cyber security experts to fix the issue. We have continued monitoring the situation since it occurred and no further attacks have been detected. Additional levels of security have been progressively installed across the entire and this will continue over the coming days.

We want to assure you the breach has been fixed and we are confident that your information is no longer at risk of being compromised from
We have been unable to identify who has accessed the data. We recommend as a precaution that if you use the same password across numerous accounts you take action to change it where you can.

We are also recommending you change your MyBRANZ password.

All purchases are processed through a third party which means credit details were not associated with your MyBRANZ account and therefore not at risk as part of this breach.

We have received a number of messages from MyBRANZ account holders expressing understanding and best wishes for resolving the breach. We would like to thank everyone for the patience and consideration shown during this issue.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email m[email protected]

[email protected]------------------------------------------------------------

2 June 2017

Last week we became aware that our MyBRANZ account customers' information had been compromised in a security breach. If you are a MyBRANZ customer you need to be aware of this important information about your security.

We are working with cyber security experts and have currently addressed the security issues that led to the breach.

At this stage, we do not know the details of who has accessed the data, but we believe it was possible for any information stored within your MyBRANZ account to have been reached. This may include email addresses, contact details and most importantly your MyBRANZ account password. 

It is important that if you use the same password for numerous log ins that you take immediate action to change any affected passwords.

We also recommend that you change your MyBRANZ password when you can.

We want to assure you that we use a third party to process credit card payments which means that credit card details are not associated with your MyBRANZ account.

Safety and security of our customers remains our number one priority, which is why we wanted to advise you as soon as we could.

Should you have any questions, please email [email protected] - we will have an emergency team checking this information over the weekend and will respond as soon as we can. As we are a small team we appreciate your patience during this time. We are treating this with the utmost importance and will be proactively communicating more information as it becomes available.

We will come back to you next week with an update regarding your information and the data breach.

Yours sincerely,

Chelydra Percy,