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  Design Decisions

Building design is a complex process that balances a wide range of often conflicting factors to achieve a building outcome that:  DesignDecisions.jpg

  • meets client requirements
  • is aesthetically and environmentally sound
  • meets all planning and building control regulatory requirements including significant ones around durability, structural stability, fire resistance and weathertightness 
  • considers the future - climate, building use 
  • applies LCA and Code plus principles as appropriate
  • will be safe and healthy for occupants
  • can be built and effectively maintained
  • will remain serviceable after a major event. 

This publication identifies the wide range of factors that need to be considered as part of a building's design to achieve a successful long-term outcome for the client. Given the myriad of factors to be considered, it focuses on the key elements rather than getting into specific details of the relative merits of a design feature or building material or component. Aimed primarily at designers and architects, this resource can be used as a check, particularly for those new to design and construction, to ensure all relevant design factors have been identified and considered.

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