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How do I buy a module?

Find the module you'd like to purchase in the BRANZ Learning pages. Complete the purchase details and pay with Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Where do I find a module I have bought?

All modules you have purchased will be available on your My BRANZ page. You can log in to My BRANZ at In the red banner at the top, in the email box, enter your email address. In the password box, enter your password and click on the arrow.

When you are logged in, look for your name in the red banner at the top and click on "Go to My BRANZ page". You should see a hyperlink to view the module.

What can I expect when I work through a module?

Each module has a series of interactive audio-visual elements that you need to work through carefully. A test at the end of the module will check your understanding - you need to get 100% to pass.

Can I return to the module if I exit part way through?

No. You need to complete the module once you've started. You can return to the module later but you will need to start again.

How do I receive confirmation that I have completed a module?

You need to complete the test at the end of the module and achieve a 100% pass rate. Once you have successfully completed the test, enter your email address to receive confirmation.

What happens if I don't pass the test at the end of a module?

Work through the module and complete the test again. You can do this as many times as you need until your learning is accurate.

Can completing a module meet my CPD requirements?

Yes. Confirmation of completing a module can be submitted as part of your activity log for continuing professional development (CPD).